Why is Ivesse different from the other waxes?

Ivesse is different from any other wax in the market because it’s 100% natural full body wax that provides several benefits to the skin. It has a natural moisturizer, which leaves the skin smooth and without redness. It has an exclusive formula that prevents folliculitis and achieves the lowest melting point possible, which decreases the thermal sensation at the time of application. Ivesse reduces the pain caused at the time of waxing by up to 80%! Also, it`s eco-friendly as it doesn't contain plastics in its composition.

What is in its composition?

Ivesse is composed of elements extracted directly from the Amazon, such as cocoa, almonds, cupuaçu, and honey.

What makes Ivesse less painful?

Its components from Amazon decrease the pain by up to 80%. We can assure you they are all natural and are not bad for the environment or your skin.

Why is Ivesse more efficient?

Ivesse is more efficient because as it doesn’t contain plastic in its composition, you don’t need to apply a thick layer while waxing. As a result, you are going to use less wax in your hair removals, saving product and money.

From what age can you start waxing?

We indicate to start waxing after 15 years old.

Can I do waxing with Ivesse when I’m pregnant?

Yes, since you follow the pre and post-depilatory steps correctly, there are no contraindications for hair removal while you are pregnant.

Are there any contraindications?

Don’t apply the wax on irritated, burned or hurt skins.

How should I prepare my skin before waxing?

Always prepare your skin before start waxing by cleaning and using an astringent lotion.

In which body areas can I apply Ivesse?

Ivesse is a full body wax, which means you can use from your head to your toes.

How many times during the waxing can I apply Ivesse on the same body area?

Ivesse is very kind to the skin and you can apply it up to 5 times on the same body area without getting any redness or irritation.

What’s the ideal consistency to apply Ivesse on the skin?

The wax should be at a warm temperature, in a creamy consistency (like honey) and never liquid.

What’s the Ivesse’s drying time?

Ivesse has an ultra fast drying and it can be removed from 10 seconds to 1 minute after applied.

What should I do after waxing?

After waxing, if there is any residues clean the area with oil. The use of post-depilatory cream is indicated.

What shouldn’t I do after waxing?

You shouldn’t expose the skin to the sun right after waxing. Also, you shouldn’t go into the swimming pool or sea. Don’t apply any moisturizing cream or baby powder after waxing because it can obstruct the pores and cause folliculitis.