Ivesse Full Body Wax - Soft Wax [Sample]

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  • Up to 80% Less Pain.
  • 100% Natural and Organic, made with elements from the Amazon.
  • Low Melting Point To Avoid Risk of Burns.
  • Unique and Perfect Formula. Made with Beeswax and Exclusive Elements From The Brazilian Amazon, Like Almonds, Cacao, and Cupuaçu.


Indication: Ivesse Roll-on, it is specially developed to all parts of the body, facilitating the removal of any hair, even in hard access regions. 

How to Use: Clean your skin with astringent lotion. Heat the wax in boiling water, wax heater or microwave (1 to 2 minutes). Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth (waxing strips are necessary). Lay the strip on your skin and press it down with your hand, after a few seconds, stretch the skin and pull it in a quick move in the opposite direction of hair growth. After waxing we recommend using Aloe Vera lotion or post-depilatory cream. 

Precautions: Follow the instructions. Before waxing, the skin shall be totally clean, dry, with no cream or sweat. It shall not be applied in mucous or any close regions. It shall not be applied to any injury or skin inflammations. Before using it we strongly recommend to apply it first in a small area. External Use Only. Keep it away from kids and pets. Avoid contact with the eyes, if there was, wash it with a lot of water. Don't leave it on the skin more than the recommended time. 

Made in Brazil.